Friday, April 10, 2015

Europe tour 2012: Venice, Italy

Venice was a place I'd wanted to visit all growing up, I read books and books about it! People told me before I left that Venice wasn't all that it was cracked up to be because it was super touristy and the water smelled bad.

Completely the opposite experience that we had. Venice was GORGEOUS and I never once noticed a bad smell. Everytime we turned a corner we needed to take another picture. We didn't get to take a ride on a gondola, $40, no way! but we explored the city and all the fun shops it had to offer!!

Venice was the city of my dreams no doubt!


  1. I recently returned from Europe (like this week) and these pictures make me want to go back already!! Unfortunately, I did not have time to go to Italy, which is a huge bummer because it looks fantastic. Ps--love your skirt!!


  2. So Jealous you just got back!! Yeah neither do I have a full time job (that I love) with only so much PTO. Im hoping to go back next summer!!

  3. I went as a kid and am desperate to get back! We have been twice to Italy this year already (Matera and Tuscany) so I dont think we will make it this year but its so pretty!

  4. Jealous you went to Italy twice this year already!!!

  5. Oh this made me miss Italy! Venice is the best :) Looks like it was a beautiful day!